Manifest Season 2 Ending Explained: What [SPOILER] Means (2023)

By Charles Nicholas Raymond

Zeke's death date arrives, and Michaela and Ben fight to save Cal in the Manifest season 2 finale. Meanwhile, an all new mystery sets up season 3.

Manifest Season 2 Ending Explained: What [SPOILER] Means (1)

As Zeke's death date finally arrives, a new mystery sets up season 3 in the Manifest season 2 finale. Season 2 of the NBC mystery drama series has focused on Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) trying to save Zeke (Matt Long) from his fate, Ben (Josh Dallas) trying to solve the mystery of the Callings and what they mean for the passengers' future, and the conflict with the X'ers. The Manifest season 2 finale provides closure for most of the remaining plot lines.

In the Manifest season 1 finale, it was discovered by the passengers of Flight 828 that they - and Zeke - are all living on a borrowed time. Apparently, they are all doomed to die on a particular day, as they were only allowed to live for the same numbers of days that they had been missing. But while the passengers' death date doesn't come until 2024, Zeke's was a much more pressing problem, as it was confirmed that Zeke's death date would arrive in Manifest season 2. Later in the season, Zeke mysteriously developed frostbite, which was a sign that he would die of the same thing that should have killed him in the first place. In the penultimate episode of the season, Zeke and Michaela got married, knowing that Zeke's death date was right around the corner.

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Meanwhile, the fight with Simon (Maury Ginsberg) and the X'ers factored heavily into Ben's Manifest season 2 story, but this was recently wrapped up when Jared (J.R. Ramirez) infiltrated the hate group and helped take them down. This plotline was resolved, but a new threat took its place when three meth addicts kidnapped Ben's son, Cal (Jack Messina). Both Zeke's impending death date and the fight to save Cal are the focus of the Manifest season 2 finale, titled "Icing Conditions".

The Death Date Can Be Avoided

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Numerous characters come together when Cal's kidnapping is discovered in Manifest's season 2 finale. Jared, Drea (Ellen Tamaki), and Captain Bowers (Andrene Ward-Hammond) all help Michaela and Ben to save Cal from the meth addicts who want to use Cal to get their drugs. Even Zeke tries to help, despite the fact that he is currently freezing to death. After having a vision of Cal, Zeke becomes determined to get involved. Obtaining Cal's location, Ben, Michaela, and Zeke all head to the cabin wherehe was being held. A heated encounter with the three criminals over a frozen lake leads to the three of them and Cal being dropped into the freezing water. Zeke, fully aware that he's about to die, jumps in after Cal and manages to save him.

After Zeke is pulled out of the water as well, it appears that he's finally died. After a few moments, Zeke's body begins to glow mysteriously, and suddenly, Zeke is restored. This proved that it is possible to beat the death date. This is the point that Ben tries to make to Michaela at the end of the Manifest season 2 finale. He explains to Michaela that he believes saving Cal was what allowed Zeke to survive. It could be that saving his life was what Zeke was meant to do. Once he rescued Cal, he was given another chance at life. This realization allowed the passengers' story to end on a rather hopeful note, as opposed to last season which had them believing that the death date was unavoidable. Now, they at least have a reason to believe that they can beat the death date.

What Happened To The Three Meth Addicts?

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In the final minutes of the Manifest season 2 finale, Jared coordinates the police's search for the bodies of the three meth addicts who fell in the water with Cal, but to his surprise, there's no sign of them at all. What could have happened to them? It's possible that they've all been sucked into the same mystery that has plagued the passengers of Flight 828. They found out through Zeke in season 1 that they weren't the only people who could disappear and suddenly reappear days, months, or years later. This happened again when a character named Griffin vanished from a truck that plunged into the water late in season 1. So it's not impossible at all that the same fate could befall the meth addicts. If this is what happened, then they could return at any given time, and each of them would in turn be saddled with a death date of their own.

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Saanvi Killed The Major

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All season long, Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) has been searching for a way to prevent the death date through science. After being deceived by the Major (Elizabeth Marvel), who had been masquerading as Saanvi's therapist, Saanvi's research was stolen. Saanvi had to team up with Vance (Daryl Edwards) to find out more about the Major and get her research back. She eventually realized that the Major could hold the key to finding a cure and saving Zeke.

In theManifest season 2 finale, Saanvi refuses to heed Vance's warnings and directly confronts the Major - not once, but twice. In their second encounter, Saanvi tries to force information from the Major by revealing that she poisoned her. During a struggle, the antidote is destroyed. Saanvi is distraught when it hits her that she has accidentally killed the Major. Later, Vance finds her crying. It remains to be seen how the guilt from this decision will shape her story in season 3. The death of the Major, who was the main villain of season 1, is a big deal for Manifest, but what could be important is how this will affect Saanvi going forward.

Where Did The Plane Tail Fin Come From?

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In the closing scene of the Manifest season 2 finale, a boat near Cuba recovers a plane's tail fin from the ocean. The tail fin is identified as one belonging to Flight 828, which seems impossible. Years ago, this discovery would have made sense, but as one of the crew members was quick to point out, Flight 828 returned. What does this mean? For the past two seasons, Ben, Michaela, and Saanvi have had to deal with people like the X'ers who doubted that the passengers are who they said they are. Many have accused the passengers of being imposters, claiming that it wasn't possible for the real passengers to come back five years after their disappearance.

The Flight 828 passengers have tried to prove these people wrong, but now the doubters will have even more evidence that the real Flight 828 never actually returned. If it did crash, then that would mean that Michaela, Ben, and the others somehow aren't the same people who left Jamaica over five years ago. With their own identities being called into question by its discovery, the mystery of the tail fin is now the biggest question going into next year, as it opens up a whole new mystery for the passengers to solve in Manifest season 3.

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What did the ending of Manifest mean? ›

What's the TL; DR on how Manifest ends? The passengers are back in 2013 and everyone on the plane (excluding Cal) has memories of what they went through. Everything really happened, but now they have a do-over. “We bend over backwards to try to make clear that everything you've watched happened,” Rake said.

Did Daly survive Manifest? ›

Having been manipulated by Angelina, Captain Daly tragically lost his life in Manifest season 4, episode 14.

What happens at the end of Manifest s2? ›

Manifest season 2 killed and resurrected Zeke Landon

All together now: "Resurrection!" That's the buzzword on viewers' lips courtesy of the unexpected way in which Zeke Landon (Matt Long) returned to the land of the living after finally succumbing to the frostbite with which he'd been struggling.

What does the tailfin mean in Manifest? ›

The tailfin has long been the strongest piece of evidence for one of the biggest theories about Flight 828's disappearance. The reveal that the airplane was destroyed not once, but twice made it seem plausible that Manifest was secretly a story about parallel universes.

What is the final ending of Manifest? ›

The series finale of Manifest ends with Michaela rushing to the cab line outside the airport, looking inside every cab until she finds Zeke, knowing he was at the airport the night Flight 828 landed. Michaela stops an old man from getting in Zeke's cab by telling him that her husband is driving.

What is the big mystery in Manifest? ›

The biggest threat facing the characters in Manifest is the dreaded Death Date, which hinges on the concept that a person who returned from a disappearance only gets to live for as long as they were gone.

Where did Daly and Fiona go in Manifest? ›

In the following episode, it was discovered that all three were inside the divine consciousness responsible for the plane disappearing in the first place. Apparently, that's where Daly and Fiona have been for the last four years.

Does everyone survive the death date in Manifest? ›

All of the passengers who died along the way are resurrected, aside from Angelina and the others who weren't able to beat the Death Date, while Cal is restored to his childhood without any memories of the five and a half years that had passed.

Where did Captain Daly go in Manifest? ›

Apparently, Daly and Fiona are trapped within the divine consciously, which is also where the passengers were between 2013 and 2018 and where Cal went when he touched the tailfin.

Who does Jared end up in Manifest? ›

In the 2024 timeline, Jared breaks off his “casual” fling with Drea (Ellen Tamaki) and reunites with Michaela.

Who is the villain in Manifest Season 2? ›

General Kathryn Fitz, better known as the Major, is the central antagonist of the drama television series Manifest, serving as the main antagonist of season one, the central antagonist of season two, and a posthumous antagonist in season 3.

Who is the mole in Manifest Season 2? ›

If you watch Manifest online, you know Saanvi may have been dishing out too much info to The Major, but Olive is the mole in her family, essentially.

Why is Ben's hand glowing Manifest? ›

Ben's glowing hand and the other glowing elements that you just mentioned represent a different kind of a calling, but a calling nonetheless. Whenever our passengers receive a calling, it's always to guide them to either realize something — or to do something.

Does Cal touch the tailfin? ›

After touching the plane's tailfin, Cal vanished before popping back up in a Calling with Ben, Michaela and Saanvi (Parveen Kaur).

Why did Cal touch the tailfin? ›

As it turns out, touching the tailfin took Cal into the divine consciousness that made the plane disappear. In fact, where he went was the same place that the Flight 828 passengers went to in 2013. Not only that, but Captain Daly and Fiona were there too, which enabled the series to address multiple mysteries at once.

Do Jared and Michaela get back together in season 4? ›

While there are some sweet moments between Michaela and Jared in Manifest season 4 part 2, the pair do not end up together though fans do get some resolution to their story in a sense.

What made the plane disappear in Manifest? ›

After season four, part one aired it was revealed the plane had been chased by a storm which enabled the passengers to connect with the divine consciousness. Cal suggested the plane had been trapped in the mysterious bright light for the period that the passengers went missing.

What happened to Saanvi in Manifest? ›

Alex reluctantly comes to see Saanvi, and administers a dopamine counter drug as Saanvi's dopamine levels are through the roof. The drug causes her to fall asleep, and when she wakes up she is seemingly back to normal.

Who is behind the callings in Manifest? ›

Key reveals in Manifest season 4, part 1 finally confirmed the identity of the entity behind the Callings. A divine consciousness – or God – continues to be responsible for everything the Flight 828 passengers have been going through in the series.

Who is the villain in Manifest? ›

Yes, you guessed it, that villain is Angelina Meyer. So how did Manifest create the show's ultimate villain in Angelina (Holly Taylor)?

What did Cal see on the plane? ›

Shortly after opening the episode with Cal dreaming about the moment where he was looking out the window, Cal was seen constructing a model of a ship from memory.

Where is baby eden in Manifest? ›

At the end of the third season, Eden was kidnapped by Angelina, and they hid between seasons. After killing Grace and snatching the kid, Angelina faked her own death, was helped out by other 828 passengers, and eventually found her way to Anna Ross's house, which we learn in Manifest season 4, episode 1.

What happens with Kelly's body in Manifest? ›

Instead, her body show signs of a midair explosion, meaning her corpse was reverting to how it should have ended up if she was still on the Flight 828 when it exploded.

Who survives in Manifest? ›

All the passengers who died across the past four seasons are alive and well again, except for the eleven who spontaneously combusted in this final episode, including Angelina. After TJ and a young Olive are reunited, Michaela turns down Jared's proposal, saying: "I will always, always love you.

Do Ben and Saanvi get together? ›

While Ben and Saanvi kiss and have a one-night stand in the second part of season 4, they don't become a couple. The two always had a close friendship, and they do take their relationship to a more sexual level during the show's final episodes. But ultimately, they decide not to pursue each other romantically.

Who is killing 828 people on Manifest? ›

After Ben helps Michaela revisit her calling, she realizes she didn't see a bloody X, she saw a bloody cross. She remembers a cross at Noelle's house and knows who the killer is. Do you? It's Noelle.

Who dies at the end of Manifest? ›

Finally, Michaela remembers that her husband, Zeke (Matt Long), who sacrificed himself to save Cal in the time-jump timeline, is waiting outside.

What happened to Fiona in Manifest? ›

After Flight 828

In Contrails, Fiona is kidnapped by Captain Daly as he believes that she can show him how to fly the plane through a storm with dark lightning like he did during Flight 828, Fiona is not seen again after the plane is declared "neutralized" by the fighter jets.

Where did the plane land in Manifest? ›

Q1:How did Flight 828 disappear on Manifest? A piece of Flight 828 is found off the shore of Cuba, and after Ben Stone has a recurring vision of the plane exploding, he concludes that the plane did explode, leaving the passengers dead.

Is Manifest Based on a true story? ›

Manifest isn't based on a true story per se, but it is connected in some way to the unexplained disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, which perplexed millions of people when the story broke in March 2014. On the way to China from a Malaysian airport, the plane disappeared and was surprisingly never found.

Who does Ben marry in Manifest? ›

Before Flight 828

Later in life, Ben Stone got married to Grace and had two twins, Cal Stone and Olive Stone.

Does Jared date the major's daughter? ›

Sarah Fitz is daughter of The Major and ex-girlfriend of Jared Vasquez.

Who will Ben end up with in Manifest? ›

Although Ben and Saanvi do finally get together in Manifest season 4 part 2, they do not end up together. Early on in part 2, Ben and Saanvi kiss as a means to avoid being caught sneaking around the detention center. As the Death Date nears, they give in to their close bond and obvious attraction and sleep together.

Who is the major's daughter in Manifest? ›

Lauren Norvelle as Sarah Fitz (season 3), The Major's daughter who begins dating Jared after seeking out the NYPD to investigate her mother's disappearance. Warner Miller as Tarik (season 3), Grace's stepbrother who lives somewhere in Upstate New York. He is later stabbed by Jace and dies of his wounds in Grace's arms.

Is Jared evil in Manifest? ›

If there's a Manifest character that's a true neutral evil, it's Adrian (Jared Grimes). Since day one, he's been a constant antagonist to the mission of Ben, Michaela, Saanvi, and those working to save the Lifeboat. He's done everything in his power to avoid being of help and doing anything that serves him.

Why Angelina became a villain in Manifest? ›

Her sole focus is on manipulating Eden's powers and keeping her guardian angel safe. So after Eden rejects her and decides to be with Ben, she convinces herself that she's the archangel sent to spread vengeance on the world.

Is Cal the holy grail in Manifest? ›

Calamander "Cal" Stone, also known as the Holy Grail, is a character on Manifest. He debuts in the first episode of the first season and is portrayed by Jack Messina in seasons 1-3 and Ty Doran in season 4.

Who was supposed to go to Jamaica with Saanvi? ›

At some point in her life Alex married a man named Scott, but despite this she later began a relationship with Saanvi Bahl. She was supposed to go to Jamaica with her, but changed her mind at the last minute as she feared destroying her family for a flirtation, and did not show up for her departure.

Who is the GREY lady in Manifest? ›

Erika is a character on Manifest. She debuts, with her first appearance, in the third episode of the second season and is portrayed by guest star Susan Pourfar.

Why do Ben and Saanvi kiss? ›

Manifest Season 4, Part 2, gets Benvi stans all hot and bothered again in Episode 12 when Saanvi and Ben once again kiss to avoid getting caught in a restricted area. This time, they share a full-on steamy as hell make-out session that's interrupted by Vance.

What is Grace hiding from Ben in Manifest? ›

When flight 828 returns, Grace originally hides her relationship with Danny from her family. She is eventually pressured by Olive into telling Ben the truth. She eventually breaks up with Danny and reconciles with Ben.

Who is olive to ben in Manifest? ›

Luna Blaise as Olive Stone

Ben and Grace's teenage daughter, Olive was the same age as her twin brother Cal when Flight 828 disappeared.

Why is Cal older when Grace dies? ›

Cal coming back five years older indicates that time travel is somehow at play. Presumably, he went to an unrevealed time and place for five years and came back seconds before his mother's death. It may be too much of a coincidence that Cal just happened to return at the specific moment in time when Grace died.

Why was Cal older at the end of Manifest? ›

After the season 3 finale, time travel emerged as the most logical explanation for Cal's situation. It made sense that Cal must have lived five years of his life somewhere in time prior to his return in the final minutes of the finale.

What happens to Olive in Manifest? ›

After Flight 828

At some point after the flight went missing, Olive began dating Cal's friend, Kevin. Not much is known about their relationship, although Grace tells Ben when they return that Kevin had been really good for Olive. They seem to be happy together until Kevin's last appearance in Point of No Return.

Why was Grace killed in Manifest? ›

At the conclusion of Season 3, Grace Stone (Athena Karkanis) died after being stabbed by another passenger, Angelina Meyer (Holly Taylor), who also abducted Eden, her daughter. Netizens believe Grace Stone's untimely death was a mistake because her death benefits neither the plot nor any other character.

Why is Cal coughing blood in Manifest? ›

Unfortunately, Cal's cancer does return in Manifest season 4 part 1. Halfway into the season, Cal begins coughing, but he plays it off as if it's nothing. He continues to keep it to himself when he coughs up blood multiple times.

Does Ben blame Cal in Manifest? ›

His wife has been murdered, his daughter has been kidnapped, his son is now the age that he should be but older than what he was, and Ben harbors blame for Cal for Grace's death, which is complicated. He has denounced everything, including his loved ones around him, and the callings.

Is season 4 the end of Manifest? ›

The second part of season 4—which will end the series, meaning there will never be a Manifest season 5—is ten episodes long, the same as Part 1.

Will there be Manifest season 5? ›

The fourth season of the supernatural show just finished airing, and fans are already in mourning because (and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news here!) season 4 is the final season. That's right, we won't be getting a Manifest season 5.

Who is the serial killer in Manifest? ›

Kenneth Meyer came out of nowhere as the surprise Flight 828 serial killer, hunting and killing all the passengers who helped his daughter Angelina, believing they set her on the wrong path, away from salvation.

What happened to the 11 passengers on Manifest? ›

The Manifest season 4 part 2 finale confirmed that 11 Flight 828 passengers died and stayed dead.

Does Michaela end up with Jared? ›

While there are some sweet moments between Michaela and Jared in Manifest season 4 part 2, the pair do not end up together though fans do get some resolution to their story in a sense.

What happens to Zeke in Manifest season 4? ›

In Season 4, Part 1 of Manifest, the series broke viewers' hearts by killing off one of its greatest characters, Zeke Landon.

What is the death date in Manifest? ›

As Ben calculates the time that they were gone, Olive comes to the conclusion from the various clues that have cropped up over the course of the investigation into 828's mysterious disappearance and return that it is June 2, 2024 which Ben's calculations confirm.

What day is Manifest season 4 coming out? ›

After leaving fans on a gut-wrenching cliffhanger five long months ago, Netflix released the official release date for “Manifest” Season 4, Part 2. Part 2 of the series' final season will land on the streaming platform on June 2, otherwise known as the “death date.”

Who is the real villain in Manifest? ›

Yes, you guessed it, that villain is Angelina Meyer. So how did Manifest create the show's ultimate villain in Angelina (Holly Taylor)?

Who is the angel of death in Manifest? ›

At this stage, Angelina might as well be described as the Angel of Death. Every time she's around, someone dies. In this instance, she could kill an entire group of survivors of Flight 828. If you watch Manifest online, you know it was easy to sympathize with Angelina initially because of her backstory.

Who was causing the Callings in Manifest? ›

Key reveals in Manifest season 4, part 1 finally confirmed the identity of the entity behind the Callings. A divine consciousness – or God – continues to be responsible for everything the Flight 828 passengers have been going through in the series.

Why didn t Captain Daly come back? ›

Since Daly was another example of a passenger who met an unfortunate fate prior to the Death Date, it would have been reasonable for him to make one last appearance in the finale. Even so, he wasn't spotted among the resurrected passengers. Ultimately, Captain Daly's status is left up in the air.

Why did Jared get demoted in Manifest? ›

As we learn later via another flashback when Jared is having dinner with his family, Jared's actions in helping the 828 passenger and punching the detective led to them taking his gold badge and his demotion from detective and lieutenant to patrol officer.

Do the passengers survive the death date? ›

By surviving the Death Date, the passengers also averted the apocalypse. For his sacrifice, Cal came back as a 10-year-old boy with no memory of the ordeal he had gone through.


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