Tuxedo Suits for Men (2024)

Tuxedo Suits

If you're looking to make a statement at your next formal event, there is perhaps no better choice than a classic tuxedo. The tuxedo, also commonly referred to as Black Tie attire or dinner suit or simply "tux," is a highly polished fashion statement and dress code for men that leaves a lasting impression. Tuxedo suits are a versatile and timeless fashion statement that can be adapted to various occasions. Dress up a tuxedo jacket with dress pants for a formal event, or dress it down with jeans for a more casual look. This timeless garment has been a staple of men's formal wear for over a century and continues to exude elegance to this day. Men's Tuxedo suits are the ultimate symbol of sophistication and class. Whether it's a wedding, a gala, or a black-tie event, a well-tailored tuxedo suit or dinner jacket can make all the difference. At StudioSuits, we offer a wide range of options to choose from, including classic black tuxedos, pristine white tuxedos, sophisticated navy blue tuxedos and even more colorful options for those who want to make a statement. Our expert tailors ensure that each tuxedo suit is crafted to perfection, with attention to detail that guarantees a perfect fit. From the style of lapels to the type of fabric and even the buttons, every detail is tailored to your specific requirements. With our tuxedo suits for men, you can be confident that you will look and feel your best, no matter the event. Let us help you make a statement with a custom-made tux that is perfectly tailored to you.

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Tuxedo verses Suits

Tuxedos and suits are both excellent options for formal occasions, but they are not interchangeable. The key difference between a tuxedo and a suit lies in the level of formality. Tuxedos for men are typically reserved for black-tie events and are traditionally worn with a bow tie and cumme*rbund or vest. They also feature satin or silk accents on the lapels, buttons, and pocket trim. On the other hand, traditional suits are more versatile and can be worn to a wider range of events, from weddings to job interviews. They often come in a variety of colors and fabrics and can be paired with a range of shirt and tie options. While both tuxedos and suits can be tailored to fit perfectly, the satin or silk accents on a tuxedo make it the more formal and elegant option for special occasions. Ultimately, the choice between a tuxedo and a suit comes down to the formality of the event and personal style preferences.

Custom-made to Complement your Style

Nothing disappoints a man more than an ill-fitted suit. To save you from any kind of undue apprehensions, we at StudioSuits have created a wide variety for your disposal. Select what your heart desires. There are ready-to-order finished products that can be customized as per your wishes as well.

Choosing a custom tuxedo over a rental tuxedo ensures that you get a garment that is uniquely tailored to your body, providing superior comfort and a flawless fit. With a custom tuxedo, you have complete control over the style, fabric, and details, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that reflects your personal taste and style. Additionally, owning a custom tuxedo provides long-term value, as it can be worn to multiple events and is a timeless investment in your wardrobe.

At StudioSuits, you have the luxury to get yourtuxedo suitcustom made, by our expert tailors. The only effort at your end is to provide correct body measurements and we will deliver your custom tuxedo suit within no time. When you customize a custom tuxedo online from StudioSuits, you can feel confident that you will be making a statement with a garment that is expertly crafted to the highest standards.

Dress to Impress in a Tuxedo Suit

Tuxedo suitsare at the top of the hierarchy in the formal attire league. Tuxedos for men give any event a more formal look.

Tuxedos are a popular choice when it comes to outfit for prom night, providing a formal and stylish look that is perfect for the occasion.

We, at StudioSuits understand the fact that you do not wish to look like replicas of each other at formal settings. Thus, we have curated the perfect collection of men's tuxedo suits for you to pick your favorite from. From understated and classy black tux to cool and candid white tux and flamboyant blue tux. Our luxury tuxedo collection offers a range of styles to suit every occasion and personal taste, including the sophisticated Italian collection, the opulent velvet tuxedo, the classic wool tuxedo, and the breezy linen tuxedo. Each tuxedo is expertly crafted to the highest standards, using only the finest materials and the most precise tailoring techniques, ensuring that our clients always look and feel their best. We have a tuxedo for every occasion. Completing your look with a tuxedo shirt can elevate your overall appearance by providing a crisp and polished look that perfectly complements the rest of the tuxedo ensemble. So get to suit yourself right with our beautiful range of tuxedos for men .

Flaunt an Effortless Look at your Wedding

How can we miss mentioning weddings when we are discussing tuxedo suits. When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding attire, a tuxedo is a timeless and sophisticated choice for grooms. Wedding tuxedos are a classic and timeless choice providing a sophisticated and elegant look that complements the bride's attire and sets the tone for the entire wedding party. Over the years, grooms have experimented with the look by customizing wedding tux in various colors and tweaks. The creativity has added more luster and flair to the otherwise traditional tuxedo suit, giving it a modern touch.

If you want to flaunt your best, there is nothing better than a well-tailored tuxedos. It exudes charm, elegance, and flamboyance. From being the dress code at state dinners and other formal events to being a wedding staple, this garment is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. With StudioSuits, you have the option of breaking away from the traditional black tuxedo combination and add more flair to your tuxedo with different color combinations. Navy blue tuxedos are a popular choice, providing a modern and sophisticated look that pairs well with a range of wedding color schemes. Burgundy tuxedos add a touch of romance and elegance to the occasion, while gray tuxedos provide a classic and timeless option. When it comes to color combinations, pairing a colored tuxedo with complementary accessories such as a tie or pocket square can create a cohesive and polished look for the entire wedding party.

Tuxedo Suit Dress Codes

Black Tie

Black tie is the most common formal dress code. Here is what you are going to need if you are invited to a black-tie event. First of all, you will need to wear a full tuxedo suit, since wearing a regular suit is not acceptable in this case. The tuxedo suit with the tie you pick should be either black or midnight blue, with a single button. Underneath your tux, it is best to wear a white dress shirt with a black bow tie. If possible, avoid pre-tied bow ties, as the difference between pre-tied and self-tied is noticeable.

All Black Tuxedo

An all black tuxedo is a timeless and sophisticated option for formal events. This classic look features a black tuxedo fabric paired with a black shiny lapel, creating a sleek and modern ensemble that exudes elegance and refinement. The all-black look is a bold statement that sets the wearer apart from the more traditional black and white tuxedos. The monochromatic look can be paired with a white dress shirt and black bow tie for a more formal event, or with a colored shirt and tie for a more casual affair.

Creative Black Tie

Although the name can be a bit misleading, a creative black tie is essentially very similar to a black tie, with just a bit of room for creativeness. A black or midnight blue tuxedo is still a must, along with all other elements of the black tie dress code. The difference lies in small detail. Creative black tie calls for adding one more color to your black and white look. You still want to look formal, so your best bet is to do this subtly, either with a vest or cumme*rbund, and choose a color that will blend nicely with the rest of your attire.

Black Tie Optional

Black tie optional is the least formal attire of all black ties. While a tuxedo is not mandatory at such events, it is still preferred, and you definitely want to wear one if possible. However, you don't need to stick to black tie requirements as strictly. Going with a dark-colored tuxedo, a dress shirt, and a matching bow tie is just as acceptable as full black tie attire. Finally, suppose you are looking for some more creative options that do not necessarily fit into formal dress codes but are still classy to wear. In that case, you can find different colorful and patterned full tuxedos set for sale in our collection. Express yourself with one of our tuxedo suits for any occasion. With numerous tuxedo designs on display in different styles, cuts, colors, and patterns and made of different materials, including wool, velvet, and linen, you are bound to find the right outfit for you. Remember, a tux is a statement piece and will be part of your wardrobe for a long time. Invest in the right tuxedo and give your measurements accurately for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions - Tuxedos

What is a Tuxedo?

A tuxedo, or dinner suit, as they are referred to in Britain, is a men's semi-formal evening attire. The term 'dinner jacket' is also sometimes used, especially in more formal settings.The complete tuxedo outfit includes the jacket, trousers, bow tie, and a cumme*rbund or vest. The defining detail of a tuxedo suit is the presence of accent fabrics (usually a silk material, such as satin or viscose) on the lapels, buttons, pockets, and down the outseam of the pants.

What accessories complement tuxedo suits well?

A tuxedo suit is incomplete without the right accessories. Add on cufflinks, pocket square, and a tie of perfect length and width along with formal shoes.

A black bow tie looks awesome with a tuxedo too. Nothing screams effortless sophistication more than a stylish watch. Try to match the color of your leather strap with the color of your shoes.

Belts are big no, as tuxedo pants should not have belt loops. One may use suspenders if at all required.

Are there different styles of tuxedos in vogue?

Yes, for sure, there are quite a few variants of this streamlined garment. The main area for concern should be the style of the lapel. The three most desired styles for the collar are notch lapel, shawl lapel, and peak lapel. Satin in some form is a must for the lapels too. So keep this in mind while buying a tuxedo.

There are many colors of drapes to pick from. We suggest do not go overboard while picking something for a formal dinner as some events are strictly Black-Tie events.

On the other hand, you may experiment with colors and texture for the less formal invites. But nothing relates to tuxedo as the one crafted from black color. It is the color that identifies with the garment.

What do we mean by Black-Tie Wedding attire?

It is the dress code for people who are invited to the wedding. As a tuxedo suit looks supremely divine and exudes confidence, it has become the first choice of the elite. The invite expects you to wear a tuxedo for the wedding as an esteemed guest.

Generally, tuxedos are meant for events that are hosted around dinners to give them a more formal feel. Weddings can make an exception to the rule and so even you can take the liberty of being a little creative in terms of color code.

Tuxedos are one of the most timeless attires to be cherished. They exude a vibe that is pure & unadulterated. However, tuxedo suits come with a price tag so make a conscious decision about the color and style before making an investment. At StudioSuits, we offer the choice of bespoke tuxedos with immaculate fitting and style to make your investment worth every penny. Go for one of our tastefully designed pieces and you will surely not regret the choice.

What Is the Difference Between a Tuxedo and a Suit?

Although many people are unfamiliar with them, there are several differences between a tuxedo and a suit. Unlike a suit, a tuxedo jacket has facings on lapels, pockets, and buttons (satin, in most cases), as well as peak lapels or a shawl collar. When it comes to pants, it's worth noting that tuxedo pants lack belt loops and may or may not have a satin stripe down the outseam.

Apart from the differences in their appearance, suits and tuxedos also differ in their formality. While suits are often worn throughout the day, the norm is that tuxedos are reserved for the evening.

That being said, tuxedos no longer come only in black and midnight blue with the black tie dress code in mind. If you want a less formal tux, you can browse our collection for some more colorful and bolder options.

How much is a Tuxedo Suit?

Tuxedos are generally considered to be investment clothing and more expensive than suits. However, at StudioSuits you can find quality tuxedos with price tags as low as $140. Considering that they are usually quite expensive, most people tend to rent tuxedos for formal occasions, especially if they don't expect to wear one often.

We believe that every man should own a tuxedo suit, and with the low prices we offer, you will never have to worry about the dress code of an event you are invited to and go through the hassle of finding and renting a tuxedo for the occasion.

With all the different designs, materials, and colors we offer, finding the right tuxedo suit for you is just a matter of your personal taste.

How to wear a Tuxedo?

Wearing a tuxedo is a statement of sophistication and class that requires attention to detail. The perfect tuxedo fit should be snug but not tight with no excess fabric or bulges. A tuxedo shirt should be white, with a pleated front and French cuffs. It is typically worn with a bow tie, which should be tied neatly and snugly. A tuxedo jacket should be tailored to fit, It should be buttoned when standing and unbuttoned when seated. Tuxedo pants should have a satin stripe down the side and should be worn at the waist, with no sagging or bunching. You can accessorize with a pocket square, cufflinks, and a cumme*rbund or vest. Finish the look with black leather shoes.

Tuxedo Suits for Men (2024)


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